About the discourse category (1)
Add ENV to skip multisite prefix when migrating to s3. (1)
Remove s3 bucket check in `migrate_to_s3` task. (1)
FIX: `migrate_to_s3` task not setting the right content_disposition. (2)
FIX: 'anon' css class is missing for anonymous users (2)
FEATURE: Allow the base font size to be changed on a per-user basis (#6859) (3)
DEV: fix some deprecated SVG icon refs (2)
User admin page button height fix (2)
FIX: Icon missing due to typo (2)
UX: Improving aligment within topic timer modal (2)
FIX: Keep tags when switching to shared draft (3)
FIX: Don't notify of pending flags if min_flags_staff_visibility not met (2)
DEV: refactoring admin user index (#6927) (2)
DEV: refactoring emoji-uploader (#6926) (2)
DEV: refactoring permalink-form (#6925) (2)
DEV: refactoring ip-lookup (#6923) (2)
FIX: full page search results are unclickable (9)
fix the build (4)
icons deprecations fixes (#6920) (2)
FIX: improves stacked-chart layout on ie11 (#6922) (3)
FIX: better handling of resizing in stacked charts (#6921) (3)
Fix rubocop. (2)
FIX: Don't update `User#last_seen_at` when PG is in readonly take 3. (1)
minor cosmetic improvements to charts (#6919) (2)
FEATURE: add total on stacked-chart tooltip (#6917) (2)
DEV: Fix randomlly failing spec. (2)
FIX: Don't clear connections on failover. (1)
FIX: Clear connections before disabling readonly mode. (2)
Follow up to f6f2c38183826bad7e69813e0f75eb6828153584. (1)
FIX: Fallback Redis by checking status on master instead of slave. (2)