About the discourse category (1)
Missing translation key (7)
DEV: Run pull_hotlinked_images onebox specs without synchronous jobs (1)
UX: order categories based on latest activity for all page styles (#7196) (5)
FIX: Set text for titles in custom push notifications (2)
FIX: prevent sending multiple summary emails due to Sidekiq delays (3)
FIX: Refactor lightbox mobile icon (10)
DEV: Refactor icons used in lightbox HTML (1)
DEV: Remove the use of stubs and mocks in `Jobs::UserEmail` tests. (9)
FIX: Clear unsaved groups when switching user (#7236) (2)
FIX: Prevent critical emails bypassing disable, and improve email test logic (2)
FEATURE: Improve avatar education link (#7240) (2)
FIX: Destroy `OptimizedImage` record even if `Upload` record is invalid. (1)
DEV: warns instead of raise exception, test should fail if legit error anyways (#7239) (2)
FIX: Handle BBCode in `migrate_to_s3` task as well. (1)
FIX: suppress autocomplete on group filter (2)
Revert "UX: Don't reload page after saving settings when editing category." (2)
FIX: Incorrect "rel" used for apple icons in `<head>`. (5)
UX: Don't reload page after saving settings when editing category. (9)
Bump logster to v 2.1.2 (#7052) (3)
UX: make composer resize work on touch devices (#7068) (4)
DEV: update version of ruby in docs (2)
FIX: Rebake lightbox and use short upload urls in `migrate_to_s3`. (1)
FEATURE: Add scheduled job to purge expired ignored users (#7211) (4)
DEV: do not wait for closed composer event on test (#7221) (3)
UX: show if webhook is disabled (#7217) (3)
FIX: upload watched words should use UTF-8 (4)
DEV: document max_logster_logs in discourse_defaults.conf (2)
FIX: Add `sassc-rails` for plugins using sprockets to compile scss (3)
DEV: use Qunit.skip to skip a test (2)