About the discourse-assign category (1)
FIX: ember 3 support (#23) (2)
FIX: Check if topic is assigned before assigning again. (#25) (2)
Update translations (2)
Update translations (2)
DEV: prettier/eslint (2)
FIX: Do not unassign on topic open (2)
FEATURE: Add events for assigning and unassigning topics. (#24) (2)
Configure Travis build (2)
FIX: Do not assign the same user more than once (2)
FIX: do not assign to same when already assigned (12)
FIX: add translations and check for message and if assignment is successful in spec (#22) (2)
FIX: do not include username in assign push notification (4)
FIX: properly send push notifications on assign (2)
FIX: don't assign system user when automatic assign by mention is enabled (#20) (2)
Inherit rubocop config from discourse repo (2)
Update translations (2)
FIX: assign state was not correctly updated on mobile (#19) (2)
DEV: Fix heisentests. (#18) (2)
Skip test that is randomly failing (6)
DEV: Minor fixes to spec. (3)
FIX: Do not raise error if topic not exist (5)
Update README.md (2)
split into 2 files so its easier to use rake autospec (2)
FIX: Check if plugin disabled globally prior to extending JS (2)
FIX: show unassign button on mobile (2)
Move message bus subscription into controller (2)
FIX: Schedule a rerender on message arrival. (#16) (2)
Merge pull request #15 from nbianca/fix_autoclosed (2)
FIX: Unassign on autoclose. (2)