About the discourse_docker category (1)
Redis is configured without pidfile. (1)
Remove Redis service from base. (1)
chmod a+x ./redis (2)
DEV: cleanup docker prune pattern (2)
FEATURE: swap to using "docker system prune" (2)
merge docker_args with user_args for launcher file (2)
Eschew the rsyslogd PID file (2)
support expose in templates (2)
Build Redis from source. (#417) (2)
Configure Git for `discourse` user (2)
Configure Git in test image (#418) (2)
Fix extra spaces appearing in ENV. (3)
Fix bug introduced in faaa8c17ca08d22563ab0153b7f964d937f269bf. (5)
FEATURE: Support `{{config}}` replacement to template name in `env`. (3)
Fix regression due to f80e6a37a9d748f43047141b18986f6386444bc9. (3)
FIX: Print usage when config is not passed to launcher. (4)
Upgrade node to v10 for test and dev (3)
Launcher script breaks at high numbers of sites (#414) (2)
Add missing license file (2)
FEATURE: Add `./launcher run` command. (3)
Speed up mass-chown (5)
Make our swap config compatible with systemd >= 207 (#331) (3)
FEATURE: added template for critical DNS caching (2)
Support `--run-image` option for launcher. (2)
bump launcher for IP address lookups (3)
Rename template for consistency (2)
Add template for including Chrome and ChromeDriver (2)
Improve template for mbox imports (2)
correct template to insert policy at the right spot (3)