FIX: Respect the disable_emails=non-staff site setting correctly [discourse] (3)
FIX: discourse client should know about Logster (simpler approach) (#7237) [discourse] (2)
FIX: Allow sending test e-mails to any email address when disable_email is set to non-staff (#6792) [discourse] (6)
FIX: topic with no tags [discourse] (2)
UX: add more tag classes to topic view (#7228) [discourse] (2)
FIX: discourse client should know about Logster (#7232) [discourse] (5)
UX: add padding to hidden content link [discourse] (2)
DEV: Update webhook event attributes even when an error raised [discourse] (3)
FEATURE: Include muted users count within the ignored users report (#7230) [discourse] (2)
DEV: upgrades bootstrap-modal (#7235) [discourse] (2)
DEV: configure logster max logs via ENV (#7225) [discourse] (3)
DEV: Don't destroy webhook in case of error [discourse] (1)
fix tests (#7234) [discourse] (2)
FEATURE: Ignored user notification behaviour should be as a muted user (#7227) [discourse] (2)
Fix spelling error (#7231) [discourse] (2)
Fix failing qunit test. [discourse] (2)
Make prettier happy. [discourse] (2)
UX: Enabled sorting for more columns in admin user list (#7208) [discourse] (2)
FIX: Destroy optimized images in `upload:migrate_to_s3` rake task. [discourse] (2)
FIX: Do not update last seen notification ID when forced to enable 2FA." (#7222) [discourse] (3)
UX: Better emoji escaping for topic title (#7218) [discourse] (2)
PERF: Add index to speed up scopes for `UserSecondFactor`. [discourse] (2)
REFACTOR: Move redundant ignored user check into guardian (#7219) [discourse] (4)
UX: Use a less technical term ("replace") for reseeding (#7223) [discourse] (2)
DEV: Refactor hardcoded string into a constant. [discourse-prometheus-alert-receiver] (2)
fix the way that fetch is patched (#375) [rack-mini-profiler] (2)
DEV: Make setting up of multisite DB in test env clearer. [discourse] (1)
DEV: skip creating multisite db when running JS tests only [discourse] (2)
FIX: Don't override .is-hidden on mobile [discourse] (2)
Pull ImageMagick and libpng from official site [discourse_docker] (2)