Follow up to f6f2c38183826bad7e69813e0f75eb6828153584. [discourse] (1)
FIX: Fallback Redis by checking status on master instead of slave. [discourse] (2)
FIX: Clear anon cache when clearing recently readonly. [discourse] (2)
FEATURE: Do not autoclose topics due to user flagging that are authored by staff [discourse] (2)
FIX: Alignment for small-actions, gap, removing unneeded clearfix [discourse] (2)
FIX: Whitespace breaks activity column in Firefox [discourse] (2)
Fix random build error [discourse] (2)
Update Twitter App links [discourse] (2)
FIX: Badges appeared in wrong badge group [discourse] (2)
Version bump to v2.2.0.beta9 [discourse] (1)
Update translations [discourse] (2)
UX: Invert pikaday png for dark themes [discourse] (2)
FIX: IE11 layout glitches [discourse] (2)
FIX: Don't override user flair styles in topic map [discourse] (2)
Remove "Users" heading in wizard homepage preview [discourse] (2)
FIX: Changing owner of small action post failed [discourse] (5)
FIX: better legend labels for stacked-charts (#6914) [discourse] (2)
fixes few icons deprecations warnings (#6915) [discourse] (2)
DEV: already defined constant 'HIGHLIGHTJS_DIR' [discourse] (2)
SPEC: Use I18n translation instead of using raw text [discourse] (2)
FEATURE: adds a new chart report to track pageviews (#6913) [discourse] (2)
Revert "DEV: Only install danger on Travis." [discourse] (3)
SECURITY: fix possible XSS with badges (#6912) [discourse] (2)
DEV: simpler Dangerfile logic (#6911) [discourse] (2)
DEV: rubocop improvements for plugin.rb [discourse-data-explorer] (2)
FIX: Incorrect subscription in `PostgreSQLFallbackHandler`. [discourse] (2)
Fix broken spec. [discourse] (8)
Merge branch 'master' of [discourse] (2)
for docs, normalize on space after code fence when specifying lang [discourse] (2)
DEV: Replace hardcoded result limit with a module constant [discourse-data-explorer] (2)