A11Y: make th keyboard accessible + aria attribs (PR #11895)

  • Make sortable th keyboard accessible with tabindex
  • Allow sortable th to be triggered by space/enter
  • Add scope, aria-role, aria-sort, aria-pressed to sortable th


we font allow this pattern anymore. use => to keep upper scope.

can we use native js here ? Element.closest() - Référence Web API | MDN

you don’t need this anymore with fat arrow

slightly outside the scope of this PR, but I think we should stop using keyCode and use code. So not sure we should keep introducing this kind of code.


why do we need an array here ?

same here why an array? Im missing something I guess.

should we support “none” when !this.isSorting ?

nah you’re not missing anything, I copied some similar code and didn’t think about it enough.

sure, added it

I tried using e.target.closest(sel) here instead and it didn’t end up working… I must be missing something?

it’s possible behavior is slightly different

I think you just use computed property and:

ariaPressed: and("sortable", "iSorting")


I’m probably missing something but that didn’t work for me

figured it out

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