A11Y: Use listbox role for dropdowns (PR #14391)

@jjaffeux I believe the listbox role is more appropriate for SK dropdowns, but maybe there is a different reason why we use role application here?

This change was inspired by some testing with VoiceOver on macOS. When using the rotor (VO modifier + U), I see this (focus on the first two items in the list, please):

With the changes in this PR, I would see this:


can you still trigger filtering on tupibg without application?

I will test on NVDA.

Ok, that took a while. But I tested using NVDA, browsing with Tab and arrows, and the categories/tags dropdowns work correctly, i.e. NVDA switches to application mode when focus is on those elements. On focus, NVDA now says “Filter by: all categories, list collapsed, all categories”. Previously it said: “application collapsed, all categories”.

Im quite sure something was no working with listbox, but seems like you cant repro, let’s try.