Added airbrake initializer stub. (PR #168)

For those that may want to use Airbrake when the deploy Discourse (it’s helped me with a few issues so far), this is the same stub that I use.

There wasn’t an obvious place to update documentation. I get the impression that you’re trying to dissuade early adopters from running in production, and so mentioning this in the docs might just confuse someone. Let me know if you disagree and I can add it!


@SamSaffron what’s the status of this commit?

@eviltrout Sorry, I’ve been slammed this week and hadn’t answered @SamSaffron 's question. The airbrake gem offers a generator that creates this stub. Would it be best to simply add a note in the documentation about this generator, and add require: false in the Gemfile?

So then, in order to utilize Airbrake:

  • Remove require: false in Gemfile
  • Run generator
  • Add API key

It’s too bad the generator can’t require airbrake can it? That would be ideal. Right now our build process uses the same gem file as the project - would be annoying to have to edit it before deploying and end up with a different lock file and all that.

Well, the use case for airbrake is to track errors/exceptions in production, right? Is this pull request a bit premature in that light? It might be better to wait until something closer to a 1.0 release, and part of a legitimate

I can get behind that, thanks :slight_smile: