Allow groups to access queries (PR #36)

no need to define p1 here, return ajax(...

Our general pattern is to use a guardian eg: that should take care of current_user check and everything.

a guardian check at the entry is what we want here, no to scope it down to json only. the html should 404 as well.

@SamSaffron I agree it is cleaner, but I kept getting errors when trying to set without calling this.set. I got this error when I tried to not use set.

:cry: I wonder if there is a workaround here for components @eviltrout / @jjaffeux ? Seems like a tricky rule to remember.

AFAIK octane should mostly land in 3.14 Ember.js - Octane is coming in v3.14 and this is when we should start to have solutions to this. (3.14 will be huge :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:, with modifiers in components, access to native events through ˋon` very simply…)

Can’t find it in this blog post post, but I remember reading something with @tracked which should make this super explicit.


@SamSaffron I pushed up another commit that uses guardian to secure the public endpoints, as well as addressing your other comments.

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      // User is a part of the group. Now check if the group has reports

This looks pretty good to me now!


Looking good, @eviltrout probably best if you merge this in your morning.

Merged, let’s do it!

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