Build(deps): Bump excon from 0.79.0 to 0.80.1 (PR #12724)

Bumps excon from 0.79.0 to 0.80.1.


Sourced from excon's changelog.

0.80.1 2021-04-15

adjust error checking from 0.80.0 to support Ruby <2.3

0.80.0 2021-04-15

fix test usage of hashes for compatibility with Rack 2.2+ numerous github actions and dependencies setup and tweaks use Ruby Resolv for hostname lookup fix case where Socket raised nil conversion TypeError instead of EOFError fix error where proxy key exists but data is nil update bundled certificates

  • e29b313 v0.80.1
  • 470ba1e Merge pull request #744 from samlehman/datum_proxy_update
  • 048392d &. is a Ruby 2.3 feature, thus breaking gem for users using lower versions
  • 876273d v0.80.0
  • 5b846c8 update bundled certs
  • abd53bf Merge pull request #741 from Conrimaceogain/handle_when_proxy_key_exists_but_...
  • 075b589 Add safe navigation operator to handle case when proxy key exists but has a v...
  • bbb5bd7 Merge pull request #739 from carlhoerberg/resolv
  • 0c64ef1 drop 2.3 support from tests, focus on supported rubies
  • 32c5322 Merge pull request #740 from carlhoerberg/readline-eof
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