Build(deps): Bump rails_failover from 0.6.5 to 0.7.2 (PR #12711)

Bumps rails_failover from 0.6.5 to 0.7.2.


Sourced from rails_failover's changelog.


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  • 6c20bb1 master moved to main
  • 2318b3b DEV: bump versions and add cross compatability
  • 9b386c7 DEV: bump dependencies and bump version
  • 5847f68 DEV: Compatibility with Rails 6.1 (#27)
  • facda33 Bump activerecord from to 6.1.3 (#25)
  • 0e307f0 Bump nokogiri from 1.10.10 to 1.11.1 (#24)
  • 5a88e58 DEV: Add the missing homepage link to gemspec (#23)
  • See full diff in compare view

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Don’t merge; DEV: Upgrade Rails to by OsamaSayegh · Pull Request #12688 · discourse/discourse · GitHub will take care of this.

OK, I won’t notify you again about this release, but will get in touch when a new version is available.

If you change your mind, just re-open this PR and I’ll resolve any conflicts on it.