Build(deps): Bump stackprof from 0.2.16 to 0.2.17 (PR #12935)

Bumps stackprof from 0.2.16 to 0.2.17.

  • c31658c bumping version for release
  • 8ff29d5 Merge pull request #153 from casperisfine/patch-1
  • 5deedbe Stop testing on windows
  • 2a23159 Merge pull request #150 from jhawthorn/collect_frames_immediately
  • aa15f48 Merge pull request #152 from Shopify/fix-ruby-3-test-suite
  • 3e2ef85 Merge pull request #151 from Shopify/github-actions
  • 0f36fd0 Fix the test suite for Ruby 3.0
  • 8f54cb9 Use GitHub Actions for CI
  • 6c3f4d7 Collect stack frames immediately on interrupt
  • cf67aff Use a mutex to avoid reentering signal handler
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