Convert a lot of :a => b to a: b and bring peace to the world (PR #547)

Getting the code close to the official guidelines. This should encourage further adherence to the code guidelines going forward (which is a good thing.)


You’ve signed the CLA, kid0m4n. Thank you! This pull request is ready for review.

Any problems with this one?

I don’t think there is a problem with this one.

It is indeed a lot of changes and that will require a careful review.

Plus, it’s the week-end :wink:

Sure thing :+1:

But do you mean programmers (and particularly leads on a open source project like discourse) have lives?

The founding team is working pretty much every day :wink:

But since the release of Discourse, they never merged large PR during the week-end (only translations updates or bug fixes).

Even though they’re using continuous deployment, it is never a good idea to accept large PR before a week-end when everything is slowed down.

That’s actually a pretty good practise

Yeah @ZogStriP hit the nail on the head. Personally I will never accept a large PR unless I’ll be working for at east a few hours afterwards on the code to catch any obvious regressions. So that means a weekday for me :slight_smile:

Cool… just afraid of this failing to merge properly later on that’s all

Enjoy your weekend

Instead of a force push, I have done a partial revert. Hope that is ok? If not, I will squash the HEAD and force up.

actually prefer if you squash and --force if possible.


A commit that appears in this pull request is being discussed here.

looks good to me. will pull it it now.

thanks !

Welcome :+1:

I am going to be reverting this here:


cause this looks nicer / better aligned and syntax highlighted


I think we can not follow this rule blindly.


We should not be using this blindly… for example in Rakefile, when a task is defined:

task :a => :b do

looks better than:

task a: :b do