DEV: Add class to header-topic-info widget (PR #9475)

There is an .extra-info-wrapper holding the .extra-info div. Right now, a .two-rows class gets added to .extra-info when viewing a topic with a category showing. If the topic is uncategorized, and suppress uncategorized is true, the .two-rows class is not present.

In some plugins we decorate this widget like so: header-topic-info:after. The problem here is that we need the two-rows class to be on the PARENT of header-topic-info so that we can use it as a css selector.


do we need the .get here ?

I can remove it!

I’m curious why don’t we directly use category here ?

and attrs.topic.category here ?

I like the function name with topic as argument.

Should we show the category for the given topic?

Same as above. I can change it, but I do like how it reads.

well ok then :+1: