DEV: Add missing import, de-jQuerify (PR #13461)


Mostly I like this commit very much, but I’m curious why you updated code in comments? Seems peculiar.

The second one will be useful when I uncomment that test. This one, I’m reverting (though will probably change in that separate, second PR :slightly_smiling_face:)

This is great thanks, but why don’t our automated tools nag me if I don’t import exists? They do if I don’t import query/queryAll

@martin-brennan exists is on our allowed globals list: eslint-config-discourse/index.js at 34c8d5f9f36b3b8b2e46d7f7c4ca68cc0868efe5 · discourse/eslint-config-discourse · GitHub

Eventually we’d like to remove it, but doing so would break many plugins’ builds, so first it’d be good to have a system that would fix those issues automatically.