DEV: Add pluginApi support for quick search tips (PR #14556)

  • Allows plugins to add their own random tips to quick search.
  • Allows clicking on tips to trigger the respective search


We are going to need a way to reset these after test runs, otherwise it will leak state that might cause other tests to fail.

I get it’s trickier here because core seems to use the same array. Perhaps you can have an array just for the api added tips, and a corresponding resetQuickSearch API to clear that array?

@eviltrout Do you think this would work? Instead of having two arrays (one for core tips, one for plugin tips), this just resets the one array to its original core value, that way plugin registrations won’t leak between tests.

It’s a little tricky to test this, given the outputted value is random.

Yes, this works great.

Minor note, we need to bump the plugin API version whenever we make changes to the API.

Bumping it now. (I initially did that but then Robin bumped the version one step further in a separate PR, so I removed it here to avoid unbumping his bump, but it’s been a few days since that PR was merged now.)