DEV: Add .tool-versions file for package managers (PR #12808)


Is asdf a new officially recommended, go-to tool for ruby/node version management?

I wonder where should we draw the line when it comes to keeping external tool configuration inside the core repo. We already have .ruby-version.sample, .ruby-gemset.sample, Brewfile (has anyone ever used this one?), discourse.sublime-project, .editorconfig (I wonder how many people actually have a plugin for their editor that supports it), .vscode-sample, .devcontainer.

I’m currently using volta for node. Should I add "volta": {…} section to package.json files? To pin node/yarn versions volta-way?

Is anybody going to keep .tool-versions file updated? (.ruby-version.sample is still at 2.6.5)

I see the argument @CvX but the files are also so small it’s hard to care TOO much. The smallest image is probably way bigger than all of these.