DEV: Allow TopicEmbed.import to optionally receive a list of tags (PR #14301)

This will be used by the rss-polling plugin


If tagging is disabled, we should exclude the tags from create_args

If we’re planning to use this from a plugin, can we expose this method via the plugin API instead? That way, we’ll at least be able to better manager deprecation on this method in the future.

Handled in 8288985

IMO is generally useful being able to add a category and tags to an imported topic in the codebase.

It may be useful but there isn’t anywhere in core that is using this right now.

Can you expand a bit on this?

Do you want me to create a copy of this method under /lib/plugin/instance.rb but with the extra flag parameter and call that new version from


I don’t think we should hold up this PR any longer. Please merge. @tgxworld can you follow up on dev with a post about what you are looking for?