DEV: Bump uppy module versions for retryable prepareUploadParts (PR #14629)

This commit bumps the following uppy modules:

This is done so we can use the new functionality for retrying failed prepareUploadParts calls, introduced in Retry `prepareUploadParts` on fail for `@uppy/aws-s3-multipart` (#3224) · transloadit/uppy@e435f4a · GitHub.

I also needed to make some changes to composer-upload-uppy to support this retrying, while at the same time being able to throw a bootbox with the error message if the number of retries are exceeded.


I tested this locally by introducing a random chance of failure in UploadController#batch_presign_multipart_parts, and it worked for the cases where there were < max retries, and also when the max retries were reached, and also the normal happy path with no errors.

This isn’t immediately clear to me but why do we need to retry with a delay?

It’s a little clunky that I have to do this, but this is how they count the number of retries allowed in uppy core. As for the actual delays, I think it makes sense to have an increasing delay for this, as most of the time I think this call will fail from a network issue, so exponential backoff makes sense (we don’t just want to retry 4 times instantly).