DEV: deepMerge and deepEqual functions (PR #10764)

Manually copying/backporting the app/assets/javascripts/discourse-common/addon/lib/object.js file that already exists in the beta branch.


I assume the test failures are related to the stable branch being out of date with current plugins or something like that?

This commit should be safe though since it’s entirely a new file.

@eviltrout :


Is complaining about the newly created app/assets/javascripts/discourse-common/addon/lib/object.js file due to some minor fomatting changes due to new prettier/linting rules that I believe were introduced two days after the original commit of lib/object.js:


You are unable to build Discourse due to errors in the plugin at


Has a ton of prettier errors for various plugin files (related to CORE-LINT above).

I think in this case it’s pretty safe.