DEV: Do not prompt to run `yarn` in dev env (#13167)

DEV: Do not prompt to run yarn in dev env (#13167)

diff --git a/app/views/layouts/ember_cli.html.erb b/app/views/layouts/ember_cli.html.erb
index dd4e070..0ccb676 100644
--- a/app/views/layouts/ember_cli.html.erb
+++ b/app/views/layouts/ember_cli.html.erb
@@ -15,13 +15,9 @@
     <pre><code>$ bin/ember-cli</code></pre>
-    <p>If it's your first time starting Ember CLI you'll have to run yarn:</p>
-    <pre><code>$ cd app/assets/javascripts/discourse && yarn</code></pre>
     <p>Then visit the following URL to use Discourse:</p>
-    <a href="http://localhost:4200/">http://localhost:4200</a>
+   <h3><a href="http://localhost:4200/">http://localhost:4200</a></h3>

GitHub sha: bc4b41cf

This commit appears in #13167 which was approved by CvX. It was merged by pmusaraj.