DEV: Don't explicitly load files (#143)

DEV: Don’t explicitly load files (#143)

  1. It doesn’t seem to be necessary?
  2. It looks like it was triggering some warnings (Creating scope :for_group. Overwriting existing method DataExplorer::Query.for_group.)
diff --git a/plugin.rb b/plugin.rb
index 8a4d7fb..c49ab3b 100644
--- a/plugin.rb
+++ b/plugin.rb
@@ -34,12 +34,6 @@ module ::DataExplorer
 after_initialize do
-  load File.expand_path('../app/models/data_explorer/query.rb', __FILE__)
-  load File.expand_path('../app/controllers/data_explorer/query_controller.rb', __FILE__)
-  load File.expand_path('../app/serializers/data_explorer/query_serializer.rb', __FILE__)
-  load File.expand_path('../app/serializers/data_explorer/small_badge_serializer.rb', __FILE__)
-  load File.expand_path('../app/serializers/data_explorer/small_post_with_excerpt_serializer.rb', __FILE__)
   add_to_class(:guardian, :user_is_a_member_of_group?) do |group|
     return false if !current_user
     return true if current_user.admin?

GitHub sha: 46264835145e32fe29518841b2810faf6e716152

This commit appears in #143 which was approved by eviltrout. It was merged by CvX.