DEV: Don't optimize image when migrating to new scheme.

DEV: Don’t optimize image when migrating to new scheme.

The image has already been uploaded, the migrate to new scheme job’s is just to correct the scheme and not the content of the upload.

diff --git a/app/models/upload.rb b/app/models/upload.rb
index 8e1b312..fd3f3c8 100644
--- a/app/models/upload.rb
+++ b/app/models/upload.rb
@@ -253,8 +253,7 @@ class Upload < ActiveRecord::Base
           if upload.sha1.blank?
             upload.sha1 = Upload.generate_digest(path)
-          # optimize if image
-          FileHelper.optimize_image!(path) if FileHelper.is_supported_image?(File.basename(path))
           # store to new location & update the filesize
  do |f|
             upload.url =, upload)

GitHub sha: 161a3c38