DEV: Fix a leaky test (PR #13559)

The error was:

↪ Unit | Model | topic::recover [✔]
↪ Unit | Utility | emoji::emojiUnescape [✔]
↪ Unit | Utility | pretty-text::quoting a quote [✔]
↪ Unit | Utility | click-track::routes to internal urlsUnhandled request in test environment: /forum/t/1234/recover (PUT)
Error: Unhandled request in test environment: /forum/t/1234/recover (PUT)
    at Pretender.server.unhandledRequest (discourse/tests/setup-tests:173:15)
    at Pretender.handleRequest (pretender:400:14)
    at FakeRequest.send (pretender:169:21)
    at Object.send (jquery:10100:10)
    at Function.ajax (jquery:9683:15)
    at performAjax (discourse/app/lib/ajax:174:19)
    at eval (discourse/app/lib/ajax:183:11)
    at invokeCallback (ember:63104:17)
    at publish (ember:63087:9)
    at eval (ember:57463:16)


  • DEV: Don’t duplicate a function