DEV: Improve uppy plugin base and large file handling (PR #14383)

We want to be able to skip plugins from doing any work under certain conditions, and to be able raise their own errors if a file being uploaded is completely incompatible with the concept of the plugin if it is enabled. For example, the UppyChecksum plugin is happy to skip hashing large files, but the UppyUploadEncrypt plugin from discourse-encrypt relies on the file being encrypted to do anything with the upload, so it is considered a blocking error if the user uploads a file that is too large.

This improves the base functions available in uppy-plugin-base and extendable-uploader to handle this, as well as introducing a HUGE_FILE_THRESHOLD_BYTES variable which represents 100MB in bytes, matching the ExternalUploadManager::DOWNLOAD_LIMIT on the server side.

discourse-encrypt to take advantage of this new functionality will follow.


export const HUGE_FILE_THRESHOLD_BYTES = 104_857_600; //100 * 1024 * 1024

Oh cool I didn’t know JS had numeric separators like ruby now! :slight_smile: