DEV: Move UserApiKey scopes to dedicated table (PR #10704)

This has no functional impact yet, but it is the first step in adding more granular scopes to UserApiKeys


Small suggestion. I think we shouldn’t interact with the scopes directly to avoid leaking implementation details.

We should annotate this model.

Is that going to create an N+1?

Yes it will create 1 SQL query for creating the key, and N queries for creating each scope. However, the number of scopes is limited to the number of scopes we actually have (currently 7), and since this only happens during key creation I think it is ok?

I have confirmed that scopes are being preloaded correctly when reading from the database, so there is no N+1 on GET requests.

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Yes good idea. I have moved this logic into user_api_key.rb, and will refactor is some more later once I add parameter filtering.

Done :heart:

Awesome! :heart_eyes: