DEV: Remove badge-select-controller (PR #8207)

  1. The selectableUserBadges computed property of badge-title was being incorrectly overwritten, which triggered computed-property.override deprecation.

  2. The badge-select-controller mixin contained properties that were used either by badge-title component or badges/show controller, but none were being used by both. This change moves properties where they belong, and removes the mixin.


You’ve signed the CLA, CvX. Thank you! This pull request is ready for review.

I suggested some minor changes.

Should this keep looping after it’s already found the id?

It seems to me we could use return selectableUserBadges.findBy('id', selectedUserBadgeId)

    filteredList = _.uniq(filteredList, false, e => {

@CvX yes I’m cool to merge this when you are ready.