DEV: remove calls to guardian from GroupActionLogger (PR #13835)

We shouldn’t be checking if a user is allowed to do an action in the logger. We should be checking it just before we perform the action. In fact, guardians in the logger can make things even worse in case of a security bug. Let’s say we forgot to check user’s permissions before performing some action, but we still have a call to the guardian in the logger. In this case, a user would perform the action anyway, and this action wouldn’t even be logged!

I’ve checked all cases and I confirm that we’re safe to delete this calls from the logger.

I’ve added two calls to guardians in admin/user_controller. We didn’t have security bugs here, because regular users can’t access admin/... routes at all. But it’s good to have calls to guardian in these methods anyway, neighboring methods have them.


This looks good to me. I can confirm our StaffActionLogger does not do guardian checks and it would be better to think of these as some kind of data service object.