DEV: Remove draft attributes from topic lists (PR #12525)

The draft attributes in topic lists are no longer used by our frontend. Since FEATURE: Allow users to save draft and close composer by pmusaraj · Pull Request #12439 · discourse/discourse · GitHub we pass a boolean flag in the current user serializer and then the frontend requests the draft attributes from a draft endpoint.

This changes the response schema for API requests as well, draft attributes will no longer be included when requesting /latest.json or /c/{slug}/{id}.json.


This seems good to me if the front end code doesn’t need it anymore. However, we should be a bit careful since it’s a breaking change, and should do diligence to scan our known plugins and themes for uses before merging.

I didn’t find any themes/plugins where these attributes were being actually used (the repos in the PRs above duplicate the same functionality as core because they extend the routes/controllers for other purposes). So, I am going to merge this, I think it’s safe.