DEV: Remove legacy tag and category routes (PR #10338)


Hey @udan11 curious if this is still a draft as it’s quite old now, and looks like it’s out of date?

I believe this is ready for review now.

I will look at this today.

We have a conflict @danielwaterworth have you had a chance to have a quick look?

@SamSaffron, yes, we talked via other means.

@udan11 are you comfortable with this change, should we go ahead and merge? I am approving this on the ground that I support cleaning up the routes, it is a big change though!

@SamSaffron, I added some code in our resolver to replace references to old names and display a deprecation notice. I think we are good. I want @danielwaterworth to have another look at this.

Unfortunately, some broken themes or theme components are unavoidable. :frowning: