DEV: remove no-longer-necessary MULTISITE_PREFIX (PR #9661)

We prevent s3_backup_bucket from being the parent or the same as s3_upload_bucket – spec/lib/site_settings/validations_spec.rb#validate_s3_upload_bucket – so this looks like it’s not useful anymore.

Currently, with s3_upload_bucket of “bucket_name” and s3_backup_bucket of “bucket_name/backups”, multisite backups are actually ending up in “bucket_name/backups/backups/site_name”.

Is my understanding correct @gschlager? Is there anything else that needs to change? How can we move existing backups?


Aha. I think that prefix is to prevent pathologic behavior when the s3_backup_bucket is the same as s3_upload_bucket. It would be better to specifically prevent that.