DEV: remove objects that do not exist in the repo from .git-blame-ignore-revs (#9904)

DEV: remove objects that do not exist in the repo from .git-blame-ignore-revs (#9904)

  • a freshly cloned repo does not have these objects
diff --git a/.git-blame-ignore-revs b/.git-blame-ignore-revs
index e848bdc..4eb8ad5 100644
--- a/.git-blame-ignore-revs
+++ b/.git-blame-ignore-revs
@@ -11,24 +11,12 @@ dafd3c3b47f116c6c1dc56cb18df614c11747733
 # Rename many `.js.es6` files to `.js`
-# Rename admin app es6 -> js
 # Rename pretty-text from es6 -> js
-# Rename select kit from es6 -> js
 # Rename wizard from es6 -> js
-# Rename some root files
-# The last remaining ES6
 # DEV: enforces block-indentation of ember-template-lint rules

GitHub sha: c8370b9c

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This commit appears in #9904 which was merged by SamSaffron.

Can we automate that?

I don’t think it shows up often enough to worry about. I gather these commits were rebased away - reviews of future changes to this file could just ensure these objects exist?

Either way, I used this command to find the list of objects to remove:

grep -Ev '^(#|$)' .git-blame-ignore-revs | xargs -n1 git cat-file -p >/dev/null
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