DEV: Remove `PostProcessed` trigger option (PR #13916)

It was deprecated 5 years ago in FIX: FirstReplyByEmail badge wasn't granted · discourse/discourse@e55e2af · GitHub

I’ve seen it still being used in the wild, even though it doesn’t do anything anymore as I understand it.

@ZogStriP do you foresee any issues if 16 would eventually be reused as a trigger value? E.g. are badge seeds executed before post_migrate? (so the one added here would override them on new forums?) If so, would it be better to make it a regular migration? Or to leave a comment “reserving” that value in the enum?

(Also, it’s weird we’re using power of two values, since it’s not a bit-field, i.e. only a single enum value can be active at a time)


The person creating the enum might have thought at some point that a bit field made sense. Or perhaps we had one and migrated away from it but kept the values? Either way looks like we have to live with it.

I would personally advise against re-using the value. I would recommend renaming it to NoLongerUsed or something similar.

I agree with @eviltrout, we should not allow this value to be reused anymore by assigning it to a “deprecated” variable.