DEV: Remove super old code comment TODO (#13663)

DEV: Remove super old code comment TODO (#13663)

This TODO comment has existed for 8 years. Sort must be working just fine or we would have prioritized fixing it.

Removing this comment as a tiny step toward keeping our codebase nice and tidy.

diff --git a/lib/topic_view.rb b/lib/topic_view.rb
index c3d5d2e..675b543 100644
--- a/lib/topic_view.rb
+++ b/lib/topic_view.rb
@@ -749,7 +749,6 @@ class TopicView
   def filter_posts_by_ids(post_ids)
-    # TODO: Sort might be off
     @posts = Post.where(id: post_ids, topic_id:
         { user: :primary_group },

GitHub sha: 448a5648455f98b80254b69c98ee00cac1f112f2

This commit appears in #13663 which was approved by markvanlan. It was merged by blake.