DEV: Remove usages of xlink:hrefs (PR #15059)

Because of deprecation

A brief check in common places and modified places show that site icons are functional:

Screenshot 2021-11-23 at 12 53 26 PM Screenshot 2021-11-23 at 12 37 10 PM

Plugin API’s registerIconRenderer will still need the attributeHook("" however, but does not add the xlink namespace.


This is unnecessary cause we have the exact same check above :slight_smile: I actually think maybe this could stay as is in case someone is uploading an SVG with that?

Just a couple of things, and I think you can leave the public/ace-* files as is? They are vendor JS files AFAIK. I would also think twice about changing the onebox response HTML, because those are likely actual responses from the third party sites, so probably need to stay as is (I could be wrong though…)

Good catch!! It’s entirely the same

@martin-brennan yeah absolutely right about the fixtures. I’ve unmodified them

Changes look good to me. Seem pretty low risk too.

@martin-brennan Can you have another look here? :slight_smile:

LGTM @nattsw I think you can merge now :+1: