DEV: Segment Ember CLI tests (PR #14893)


The title of this pull request changed from “Segment Ember CLI tests” to "DEV: Segment Ember CLI tests

Can we avoid building the app 3 times?

Nice! Given that GitHub actions runners have two cores, and there is probably some amount of time waiting on IO, could we run all three of these in parallel? That might also take care of @CvX’s concern about re-compiling the app 3 times.

sudo -E -u discourse -H yarn ember exam --load-balance --parallel=3 --launch "${{ matrix.browser }}"

If that doesn’t work, then we can always merge as-is and work on further optimizations later.

which helps with memory use

Running three sets of tests in parallel might not have the positive impact on mem use this PR was originally going for. :sweat_smile:

That’s true, although I guess it depends on whether we were hitting the per-browser memory limit, or the GitHub actions worker memory limit.