DEV: Specify the latest openapi spec version (#14012)

DEV: Specify the latest openapi spec version (#14012)

The latest openapi spec version is v3.1.0

OpenAPI Specification v3.1.0 | Introduction, Definitions, & More

Specifying the latest version will allow our openapi spec linter to use this version and allow use to use the new type format that allows for specifying a type as “null”, which we need because sometimes our api responses include null values instead of a “string”, “integer”, or “object” type.

See: How to define a property that can be string or null in OpenAPI (Swagger)? - Stack Overflow

diff --git a/spec/swagger_helper.rb b/spec/swagger_helper.rb
index 2e03f53..5a6638f 100644
--- a/spec/swagger_helper.rb
+++ b/spec/swagger_helper.rb
@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ RSpec.configure do |config|
   # the root example_group in your specs, e.g. describe '...', swagger_doc: 'v2/swagger.json'
   config.swagger_docs = {
     'openapi.yaml' => {
-      openapi: '3.0.3',
+      openapi: '3.1.0',
       info: {
         title: 'Discourse API Documentation',
         'x-logo': {

GitHub sha: 1799944a043f8223389d59357d353e038416b281

This commit appears in #14012 which was approved by eviltrout. It was merged by blake.