displays the number of characters left for the title in the composer (PR #466)

Meta: Topic length too short

This PR modifies the character-left counter in the composer to take into account the restrictions on the title.



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This seems a bit too much to me, perhaps change it so

  1. As you are typing the title, it counts back till it is good.
  2. As you are typing the body, it no longer displays title check (perhaps a red highlight around title on focus change to denote it is too short)

That way we can get rid of the "Message: " and “Title: v” from there.

@SamSaffron I’ve updated the code so that it only shows the counters associated with the currently focused text field.

It also hides the message whenever the length is ok (instead of displaying the checkmark)

Thanks! :fish:

Excellent change, thanks again – works a treat, and hopefully addresses the (many) questions about “WHY I NO CAN ENTER MY TOPIC?!” on meta :smile:

anytime :wink: