FEATURE: Add "delete on owner reply" bookmark functionality (PR #10231)

This adds an option to “delete on owner reply” to bookmarks. If you check this option in the modal, then reply to the topic the bookmark is in, the bookmark will be deleted on reply.


The use cases are:

  • Sometimes I will bookmark the topics to read it later. In this case we definitely don’t need to keep the bookmark after I replied to it.
  • Sometimes I will read the topic in mobile and I will prefer to reply in PC later. Or I may have to do some research before reply. So I will bookmark it for reply later.


This feels like a combo box not 2 checkboxes:

Automatically delete bookmark:

[Once I am reminded] [After I reply] [Never]

For an added bonus I think this setting should be “sticky” per browser. So after you change it it should remember for the next bookmark you make on the same browser (chucking it into localstorage I guess)

@SamSaffron I moved the option into a dropdown and changed the DB column to an integer, can you please take another look at this one?

UX looks great to me!

The name “delete_option” is a bit strange, but I am struggling here to come up with an improvement.

Maybe auto_delete, it is a bit more reflective of it … or maybe auto_delete_preference ? naming is certainly hard.