FEATURE: Add more class names to latest-topic-list-item (PR #12933)

For consistency, and because I need them for a customer theme.


This pull request introduces 1 alert when merging 0a3ba7a650b0e111f94b0c465d59617d621bcaf0 into 174c68509d7f8dd74a68439f58026a36e8eb129d - view on LGTM.com

new alerts:

  • 1 for Unused variable, import, function or class

This seems good to me. My only thought is that perhaps category-x and tag-y are so generic that they might conflict with other classes?

I’ll leave it up to you though!

@eviltrout that crossed my mind too, but we already use the same structure on the main topic lists (/latest, etc)… so it should be ok