FEATURE: Add more columns to outbound EmailLog (PR #13449)

This description feels odd to me. Usually # is used to indicate an instance method and we don’t have a #cc instance method.

I guess we keep it since the code has already been written :grin:

This will be removed in next PR, I just wanted to add a test in there to make sure that temporary topic method I added is fine


I changed it already to just log if group has SMTP enabled :slight_smile: It is better than doing it the site setting way anyway, we don’t need to log the full body of 98% of the emails we send

As a tiebreaker I think it’s fine to keep and should work.

I do think you could have done it as a change migration and it would automatically create the down code for you. Also your down is out of order. It should be the opposite of up. This means that your code to remove an index will never run because the column will already be deleted (and the index with it.) This is mostly aesthetic though - in the end your code works.