FEATURE: add period filter in top topics route for tags. (PR #13415)

And also move all the “top topics by period” routes to query string param.

/top/monthly => /top?period=monthly /c/:slug/:id/l/top/monthly => /c/:slug/:id/l/top?period=monthly /tag/:slug/l/top/daily => /tag/:slug/l/top?period=daily (new)


Few JS tests are failing. Checking it…

@vinothkannans is this ready for review, looks like some tests are still failing?

@SamSaffron yes, few other tests are failing. I will fix it soon.

The “plugins backend” tests are failing. It returns an error in “discourse-solved” plugin if I run “plugin:spec” rake tasks. But it’s passing the test if I run the task with plugin name “plugin:spec["discourse-solved"]”. And the fails totally unrelated to the change. I’m not sure about how to locate the error. Still looking :mag_right: :eyes:

Looks like the fails are unrelated to the PR. It’s ready to review.

If we remove all these routes, won’t a link handled by the javascript app break? I understand server side routes have a redirect but I’m wondering about a link in a post?

Yes, we have to redirect those routes in client-side too :+1: /top/monthly => /top?period=monthly