FEATURE: add slow_mode_prevents_editing setting.. (PR #13534)

…as per Slow mode for a category - #16 by codinghorror - feature - Discourse Meta


This pull request has been mentioned on Discourse Meta. There might be relevant details there:

Did you link to the wrong topic? I don’t see anything about edits in that topic. Also, this defaults to true which is questionable.

Yes, sorry, wrong link, the right one is here: Edit old posts in a slow topic - #3 by mint_saxon - support - Discourse Meta (thanks discoursebot!).

Also, this defaults to true which is questionable.

I set the default to true because that matches how Discourse currently works (i.e. edits aren’t permitted after editing_grace_period).

I don’t really have an opinion about the default, I can see both sides – and the instance we’re running will flip it to false as soon as we’re able. It seems like a pretty big change for forums to suddenly start allowing slow-mode edits, so maybe if y’all prefer false there’s a way of only having that apply to new sites?

@mintsaxon thanks for the clarification. It was my mistake and your default sounds good. I’m going to merge it now.

Much appreciated, sorry for not being clearer the first time round!