FEATURE: Allow editing bookmark reminders (PR #9437)

Users can now edit the bookmark name and reminder time from their list of bookmarks:




group with setProperties

    return existingReminderAt !== null;

one line

indentation looks weird here

{{bookmark-actions-dropdown bookmark=bookmark removeBookmark=(action “removeBookmark”) editBookmark=(action “editBookmark”) }}

There’s a lot of methods with a a kinda unexpected naming, let me explain my reasoning.

When you say: this.parseExistingBookmarkReminderAt(); I expect to actually parse something as a param, here the parsing is actually happening inside the function through some state and mutates another state.

I feel like a better separation of public/private APIs should be though here, as it currently makes the code a little bit hard to follow in my opinion.

That makes sense, keeping mutations like this as pure functions. I had a moment of doubt yesterday when I made and named it too but just brushed past it. Will make this more clear :+1: