FEATURE: Allow group moderators to close/archive topics (PR #10217)

Rename enable_category_group_review to enable_category_group_moderation


Do we still need the user and canManageTopic checks here if we can check can_close, can_archive, etc?

Overall this is looking excellent :ok_man: - but I have a could comments and a question.

We needn’t check in these things for other languages - they will be automatically flagged in transifex when the keys change.

Could trust level 4 previously close and archive topics? I didn’t think they could!

I think so. Please double check the following for me.

canManageTopic is true for isStaff or isElder, where isElder is someone with a trust level of 4:


Having canManageTopic exposes many admin options to someone with a trust level of 4:


Many of these actions (ie, pinned pinned_globally visible closed archived) end up hitting TopicsController#status, with the work happening around lines 413-416:


which ends up calling the following:


where trust level 4 is checked against.

You’re right, canManageTopic is redundant when used alongside can_close_topic or can_archive_topic. I will remove them.

Well that is very convincing evidence! Thanks for the leg work.