FEATURE: Allow read state to published for posts in a category. (PR #14548)

Experimental at this point so hidden behind a site setting.


topic_allowed_users is never used so we’re eager loading for nothing.

The params here are not very useful.

    <section class="field publish-read-state">

This diff doesn’t seem related to this change? :thinking:

I think ideally we should be using the BasicUserSerializer here (but I realise this logic wasn’t originally introduced by this commit)

This could get super expensive in a public topic with thousands of people viewing it… I don’t think there’s much we can/should do for now, but worth bearing in mind

Now that we’re allowing this on public topic where potentially 10,000+ people could be reading a topic, I think we need some pagination on this endpoint.

Also, looks like annotations need to be updated

Technically this could happen for a group PM as well but a public topic is way more likely. I might just go with a hard cap of 20 for now since the feature is experimental. If there are more than 20 readers, I’ll just show the last 20 and text to indicate more.

Do you mean super expensive due to the extra Redis calls?

This is kind of complicated but the opts as passed around so I’m actually setting the title I another widget.

Calling publish_read_indicator_on_read triggers a couple of DB queries:

so sorry, going to close this off, we don’t have enough consensus internally that we even want this feature.