FEATURE: Allow setting avatar flair for automatic groups (PR #12586)


This pull request introduces 1 alert when merging cf718f8a1feb13b4d08b15a679d1138d7d64f257 into 42fb806f432573316b0805dc56e28c0e1bde4786 - view on LGTM.com

new alerts:

  • 1 for Unused variable, import, function or class

We need a way to reset local module variables like this, otherwise in tests they keep state if the test initializes them. I recommend adding a resetFlair method that is called after each test.

Overall looks great. I made a couple comments.

Can we update this to the pattern where the attributes are not included unless true to save space in the JSON?

Can be done by using true as the method value then checking the object in the include_xyz? method.

Thanks @eviltrout I pushed those fixes.

Looks good thanks!