FEATURE: allows published pages to be public (PR #10053)

This commit also introduces the show_public_pages_with_login_required site settings, which will allow to bypass login_required.


It would be simpler to have a new guardian check for this. ensure_can_see?(pp) that checks the page. It will have the logic for public in there.

This seems nice! I’ve included some minor notes.

        public_description: "People can see the page even if the associated topic is private."
    show_public_pages_with_login_required: "Anonymous users can see published pages, even when login is required."

A minor change but I think it should have “published” in there and we can omit things like “with”

Indeed will look at implementing this

After trying to implement this, I consider it kinda complicated given we have to handle the /login logic and the custom exception to avoid including ember. I will postpone this for now, and think of a better solution.

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