FEATURE: change default size for search recent posts

FEATURE: change default size for search recent posts

The site setting search_recent_posts_size controls the window of posts that we will search through before trying to search through the full index

If this number is too low then the search quality can suffer a lot as recent posts may dominate search. If the number is too high then performance will suffer.

This attempts to find a happy medium, 1 million posts will cover the majority of forums out there and should perform adequately.

diff --git a/config/site_settings.yml b/config/site_settings.yml
index d1b4641..9e48178 100644
--- a/config/site_settings.yml
+++ b/config/site_settings.yml
@@ -1845,7 +1845,7 @@ search:
   search_tokenize_chinese_japanese_korean: false
   search_prefer_recent_posts: false
-    default: 100000
+    default: 1000000
     max: 10000000
     default: 0

GitHub sha: 580383df

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