FEATURE: change layout of escaped_fragment_ topic page to table one l… (PR #7250)

…ike live discourse

  • also removes post links
  • adds created on since last activity doesn’t make much sense on archived site

I tested generated HTML at https://search.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool/u/0/ and it detects the same content as before.

This is a part of https://meta.discourse.org/t/improving-discourse-static-html-archive/112497, I will be making incremental changes for the same instead of creating one big PR.

Adding screenshot for the new layout. cc @coding-horror let me know if you have any feedback for it.

Screenshot from 2019-03-25 22-44-40


You’ve signed the CLA, mrfinch. Thank you! This pull request is ready for review.

You should use a localized date format.

              <%= l t.created_at, format: :date_only %>

These strings should use translations.

        <th><%= t 'js.topic.title' %></th>
        <th><%= t 'js.replies' %></th>
        <th><%= t 'js.created' %></th>

@gschlager, I have made the changes.

Thanks :+1:

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