FEATURE: disable protected mode in redis

FEATURE: disable protected mode in redis

We do not require protected mode in redis cause it runs in a container and is default protected.

Protected mode breaks running our template in a multi container setup or certain users exposting redis from the container if they wish

diff --git a/templates/redis.template.yml b/templates/redis.template.yml
index c69a736..44bbca1 100644
--- a/templates/redis.template.yml
+++ b/templates/redis.template.yml
@@ -48,6 +48,11 @@ run:
       from: /^dir .*$/
       to: "dir /shared/redis_data"
+  - replace:
+      filename: "/etc/redis/redis.conf"
+      from: /^protected-mode yes/
+      to: "protected-mode no"
   - exec:
       cmd: echo redis installed
       hook: redis

GitHub sha: 281190ef

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